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Feathering the Nest: It's Been a Long, Long Road to TWO New Studios

Pictured above is Kelley! One of my students with some of her work of the day, in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.

NEWS! After a WONDERFULLY successful three winter months in my new studio, located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I have undertaken setting up yet ANOTHER studio set-up! I recently sold my home near Seattle, Washington, and moved “back” to the landscape that I know and love best: the mountains. Yes, “the mountains are calling and I must go”. I have the t-shirt to prove it (ironically, I bought the shirt in Mexico). Since moving to the Seattle area some twenty-five years ago, I have felt the never-ending “pull” of the mountains. I grew up in the Colorado Rockies, and those mountains made an indelible impression on my soul. So here I am AGAIN, setting up yet another new art studio! This time, my studio view is of luscious pines and distant hills, now beautifully “blanketed” with lovely red, orange and yellow vine maples.

I have to admit, this has not been an easy two years! In all honesty, as soon as I arrived back in the U.S. after working and TEACHING out of my new studio in Mexico, my dear husband announced to me that “he’s exhausted and no longer wants to maintain our current house”! Time to get serious about a condo search! I knew this was coming but did not expect it so soon. Lo and behold, we found the perfect town home–which allowed for a decent art studio–located in the perfect place: the gorgeous Cascade mountain range just two hours from the Seattle area! We had only two months to prepare our house to be sold, receive a decent offer AND purchase the new condo. And embark on a major move. Purchasing two new homes (one in Mexico), shedding my dear “old homestead” and setting up TWO encaustic art studios has tested my strengths–and has shown me my weaknesses. What I have learned: all in good time, have patience (with a capital “P”), don’t try to “do it all at once”, and what I have done “today” is enough. Tomorrow is always another day to make a little more progress.

I am close to completing my NEW studio, located near Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth, Washington. I’m still adjusting to “condo life”, and the loss of my beautiful private outdoor spaces. On the other hand, when I am feeling a little “blue” about this, I walk out of my door and in five minutes I am on a lovely hiking trail in the national forest. Now THAT’S amazing!

I am currently “feathering my nest” with some art I have not seen for a few years. The art that is really speaking to me at this moment, as I slowly unwrap them with anticipation, are my assemblage pieces. More than HALF of my storage space are bins and bins of “doodads”, fabric, papers, small and large rusty items, sand, shells, twine, wire….well, you get the idea! So, I have come to the obvious conclusion that I need to be doing MORE ASSEMBLAGE! Assemblage with wax, to be more specific. stay tuned for the studio “reveal”and new works in progress!

In the meantime, please visit my Shrine and Assemblage Gallery here:

I had the privilege of teaching THREE very successful encaustic workshops to three groups of some very talented artists and women–although they didn’t give themselves enough credit! What an incredible way to break in my new San Miguel studio! I am so thankful for these opportunities and really grateful to these students, who were my very first ones in Mexico. I am currently scheduling time slots for CUSTOMIZED encaustic and mixed media classes in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I will be available to teach in February and March of 2020. I can teach up to 5 students, so your small group is very welcome! Space is limited so contact me soon:

Turquoise Sky Studio and my NEW March 2019 Workshop!

I recently returned from 5+ weeks in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the NEW studio renovations are coming along wonderfully! All of the painting has been finished, as well as lighting and storage cupboards. The encaustic work station countertop should be complete sometime in December, complete with beautiful “talavera” tiles. I had an old patio door taken out and added a new wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door, so all of my students (and I) will be able to enjoy that killer view of Historico Centro and the Parroquia cathedral while we create “masterpieces”! I’m especially taken with the turquoise-colored ceiling (hence the name Turqoise Sky Studio or Estudio de Ceilo Turquesa). I LOVE how this sounds in Spanish!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be offering an encaustic and mixed media workshop here (the “maiden” workshop) in March 2019! We will be soaking up the beautiful textures, colors, patterns, shapes and surfaces that define this gorgeous Spanish Colonial city that was founded in the 1500s, and is now a World UNESCO Heritage site!

For more information about this 4-day March workshop (3-16 to 3-19), click here. For the FULL class itinerary, and everything you need to know about San Miguel de Allende, send me an email:

And while I was there, I was able to participate in Dia de Los Muertos, a major holiday in Mexico that celebrates the LIVES of departed loved ones. I was able to find an excellent artist for my Catrina face paint (OK! I art-directed it a bit) and visited my favorite little, quiet cemetery, El Panteon de San Juan de Dio. This was SUCH an incredible time of year to be in Mexico, and I highly recommend it to everyone! This holiday usually takes place November 1-2, and is punctuated with flowers, candles, music, and families gathering at various cemeteries where their loved ones are laid to rest. They hold all night “fiestas” around the grave sites–singing, eating, drinking and celebrating the departed loved one. It is truly a very special and deeply moving experience.

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New work: Margraten

I recently completed a new work titled "Margraten". This encaustic and mixed media painting is dedicated to the Dutch people who, since 1945, have been adopting grave sites of members of the the American military forces who gave their lives in service during World War II. My uncle, George Edward Jones, is one of the "fallen" who is buried there.

Every two years, the "Faces of Margraten" organization and the Dutch grave "adopters" collaberate to hold a beautiful ceremony called "The Faces of Margraten" at the Netherlands American Cemetery near Margraten, Netherlands. I was recently contacted by a volunteer asking if I was related to George Jones, my uncle. I wrote back a resounding "YES!". She was tirelessly contacting family members of servicemen and women buried at Margraten, to see if they could provide a photo and information about the family member buried there. I sent them off promptly, and was even able to contact the "adopter" of my uncle's gravesite by email! I hope to meet this dedicated person in 2020, when I travel to Margraten to attend the next "Faces of Margraten" ceremony. And I am forever indebted to the volunteer in the United states who first contacted me.

The whole experience moved me in so many ways, I created "Margraten" in dedication. It is part of my recent "Genius Loci II" series, which you can view on my "Galleries" pages.


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On February 23, 2018, my husband and I signed our names "on the bottom" line, and became homeowners in the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to "own a little piece of Mexico where I could store the piece of my heart" that I always seem to leave behind. Well, it FINALLY happened, and I was terrified! What? I got what I wished for? I truly was in shock for many months to come! Many sleepless nights have followed...

We returned for six weeks in May & June, to make sure kitchen and general renovations were going well at the new CASA. Well, it's a good thing we were there, and I'll leave it at THAT! We did finally end up with a beautiful kitchen. The tiles for the kitchen backsplash were chosen by David and me at the talavera factory in Dolores Hidalgo–where the very first cries or "los gritos" (Grito de Dolores-Cry of Dolores) were heard from Father Hidalgo and the Mexican "insurgentes" who called for independence from Spain in the early 1800s. David proceeded to construct a most beautiful backsplash, by the way!

San Miguel de Allende is in the HEART of Mexico and the state of Guanajuato, in the geographic center of the country. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site just a few short years ago, and its proud history dates back to the Mexican War for Independence and earlier. The "insurgentes"–local people like you and me, wishing for a better life–marched from Dolores Hidalgo to San Miguel, and asked for the blessing–and much needed help–from Colonel Allende, a very powerful, local resident. Unfortunately, Father Hidalgo and Colonel Allende would soon "lose their heads", literally, but they gave birth to the successful campaign for independence! Actually, San Miguel de Allende was first established in the 1500s, and "el chorro", a local freshwater spring, gradually attracted more and more residents to the area. 

Only a 3-hour drive from Mexico City, San Miguel sits in the Bahio region of rolling hills and high desert, with views of mountain ranges off in the distance. And, it's only 90 minutes from the gorgeous "Spanish-Colonial" old-world city of Guanajuato, where one can get lost for days exploring very narrow streets connected to sorbet-colored buildings. There are so many reasons to love this area of Mexico! The entire region has many old silver mines–which made Spanish royalty and the Catholic Church of Spain very RICH indeed! LOTS of money floated this area for hundreds of years, but never trickled down to the common people...hmmm, sound familiar??

I'll keep you posted on the PROGRESS on the renovations in my NEW studio at the casa! I'll be returning in October to keep this moving along. I'd love to be TEACHING from this studio in Winter/Spring of 2019! Let me know if you are interested in visiting San Miguel and taking a customized art class for you or your group. SPREAD THE WORD!

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